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Review of Public Administration (RPA)


One of the most significant issues continuing to impact on the Board is ongoing implementation of the Review of Public Administration (RPA).  Formally launched in June 2002, RPA was the first major examination, in over thirty years, of how public services in Northern Ireland are organised and delivered. 

RPA in Education meant that, by 1 January 2010, a new Education and Skills Authority (ESA) would replace the five Education and Library Boards and other education sector organizations in Northern Ireland.  A new Library Authority was established in April 2009, however, on 20 November 2009, the Minister for Education announced that it was unlikely that the relevant legislation would be in place to enable the establishment of ESA on 1 January 2010. 

In the absence of a date for implementation of ESA, the Department of Education and ESA Implementation Team continue to work at progressing collaborative working between Boards and other education sector organizations to support achievement of the Minister for Education's goals in the transitional period prior to the establishment of ESA.

During this time of uncertainty and unprecedented change, the Board continues to meet the challenge of managing change and uncertainty whilst maintaining quality service delivery in the lead up to the establishment of the Education and Skills Authority.

Latest RPA News

Voluntary Severance Update:

The Department of Education (DE) Voluntary Severance Programme continues. To date, a total of over 100 posts have been approved for Voluntary Severance.

ESA Policy Papers & WELB Responses

A total of 22 papers were developed by the Department of Education and put out to consultation.  EAWR responded to all 22 Policy Papers.  To access Policy Papers and EAWR responses, click here

Other ESA Consultation Documents / Issues & WELB Responses

EAWR has responded to a wide range of RPA/ESA consultation documents and issues, including:

  • Principles for Location of Public Sector Jobs (May 2007

  • 2nd Tier Structure Proposals (May 2007)

  • ANIELB Working Paper (May 2008)

  • Director Structure Proposals (Feb 2009)

  • Education Bill 1 (Feb 2009)

  • RRVS Strategy (March 2009)

  • Draft Guidance Note on PSC's fifth Guiding Principle -

  • Voluntary Severance (May 2009)

  • RPA Ministerial Questionnaire (May 2009)

To access these documents and WELB responses, click here

Useful RPA/ESA links

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