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School Assessment Questionnaire

In order to ensure best practice in the daily management of school activities, the boards Internal Audit Service has produced a self-assessment questionnaire.  The assessment covers the key management issues for which Principals and Governors are responsible. 

By completing the document Principals and Governors will be:

  • able to reassure themselves of their application of best management practice;

  • informed of those areas most susceptible to the risk of fraud and how to manage this; and

  • able to identify specific areas where current practice needs to be revised or where further assistance and advice would be useful.

The questionnaire is available for download in either MS Excel or Word format. 


Excel Version

Word Version

Guidance Notes for Excel Version

  EAWR Self-Assessment 

  EAWR Self-Assessment 

Guidance for Opening
Excel Version

Instruction:  Please right-click on the document name and select "Save Target As" and save it to a suitable location on your PC or click on each of the icons where you will be given an option to open or save the document.
NB:  On opening the Excel version, please ensure you Enable Macros to allow the various worksheet functions to work correctly. The following Guide is available for those using MS Excel 2003 or 2010.

Schools are encouraged to try the Excel version, which can be completed electronically, as it provides feedback on risks associated with the question area.  The Word format is available for those who encounter any difficulties and can be completed electronically or in hard copy, but does not have the risks highlighted.

If there are any issues that you wish to discuss or if you require further assistance please do not hesitate to contact any of the staff below: