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Western Education & Library Board,
1 Hospital Road,
Omagh, Co Tyrone,
BT79 0AW

Telephone: 028 8241 1411
Fax: 028 8241 1400
Email: info@welbni.org
Textphone: 028 8241 1550


Principal Procurement Officer
Mr J. J. Cavanagh  T:  028 8241 1409

 E: jj.cavanagh@eani.org.uk

The Education Authority Western Region's Procurement Section provides schools and other EA, Western Region users with a professional procurement service. In fulfilling this remit the Section is responsible for the acquisition of a wide range of goods and services. The Procurement Section seeks to achieve best value for money for schools and budget-holders mindful of the need to maintain the highest level of safety standards and comply with all relevant legislation.  For complex requirements, it is advised that schools, etc. avail of the services of the Western Region's Procurement Section.

Quotations and Tenders      

Tenders are let on a call off basis and administered on behalf of schools and Western Region budget-holders. Details of these are available to schools through the Board extranet. The 5 Regions of the Education Authority operate a system of joint tenders whereby one Region administers a tender on behalf of all five regions. The majority of tenders are let on this basis.

The recommended Procurement Control Limits for quotations and tenders as set by the Northern Ireland Procurement Board apply to the procurement of works and goods and services by the Education Authority. For Goods and Non-Construction Services, these are as follows:-

Estimated Value


Up to £5,000

Carry out a price check (including internet price checks) with at least 2 suppliers to ensure that value for money is achieved

(NB  this relates to the purchase of a one-off requirement which can be clearly specified, with a total spend of <£5K, if, and only if, there are no current procurement frameworks, contracts, call-off arrangements, standing lists or e-catalogue.)

£5,000 to £30,000

A minimum of 2 tenders should be invited through a procurement tendering process conducted by officers authorised to procure for the Education Authority, Western Region

>£30,000 to below EU thresholds

Advertise on eSourcingNI. Contact the Western Region's Procurement Section

>EU thresholds to £106,047

Advertise on eSourcing NI. EU Directives apply - advertise in OJEU. Contact the Western Region's Procurement Section.

Single Tender Action

This process is where contracts are awarded without competition and is limited to a few defined circumstances in which it is considered strictly necessary, including goods or services which previously would have been termed "proprietary items", and defined as "an item which is obtainable only from the manufacturer or his sole agent and where no other item meets the specification or performance required".

Where you intend to award a contract without a competition please click on this link STA 1 Approval Form_Non-Consultancy and fill out the attached forms. 

The completed forms MUST BE submitted to the Principal Procurement Officer mail to:  jj.cavanagh@eani.org.uk 

All single Tender Actions require the written approval of the Western Region's Chief Executive (as Accounting Officer) prior to their procurement.

** NB. The values shown are the aggregated value of all foreseeable requirements exclusive of VAT. It is NOT permissible to split purchases nor project costs to avoid compliance with EA Standing Orders. Any such action by a budget-holder will be in breach of Standing Order 21.2 and may be subject to sanction by the Board.


The Procurement Section in consultation with school principals and Board advisors is responsible for the placement of orders with contracted suppliers for the initial equipping and if appropriate the refurbishment of schools.

Advice and assistance is offered to principals and school staff with regard to ordering procedures and the Section is available to ensure that non-contract items are sourced in accordance with Board quotation and tendering procedures.


The Section is also available to assist with the collection and disposal of unwanted items of furniture and equipment in accordance with Board policy and other legislative requirements.


If you feel you can provide goods or services which would be of value to the Board please do not hesitate to contact the Procurement Office where staff will be happy to discuss the Board's requirements and the tendering and purchasing procedures operated by the Board.

Current Contracts

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