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Western Education & Library Board,
1 Hospital Road,
Omagh, Co Tyrone,
BT79 0AW

Telephone: 028 8241 1411
Fax: 028 8241 1400
Email: info@welbni.org
Textphone: 028 8241 1550


The Section provides a comprehensive technical maintenance service to its clients, covering approximately 250 properties in Five District Council Areas. The total floor area of the buildings being 514,000m2.

The services provided in-house include, cyclical condition surveying of all properties, formulating and implementing a programme of planned works to address the needs and a daily response service.

The Section also provides feasibility studies and costings for on going programmes of Minor Works and subsequently actions the agreed works.

Specialist technical advice across the full range of disciplines on a wide range of construction related matters is offered to all clients.

For further information please contact the following persons:

Operational Services Manager
Mr Eugene Hillick T: 028 8241 1384 E: eugene.hillick@eani.org.uk
Enniskillen District Maintenance Officer
Mr David Gray T: 028 6634 3909 E: david.gray@eani.org.uk
Londonderry District Maintenance Officer
Mr John Barrett T: 028 7127 2301 E: john.barrett@eani.org.uk
Building Maintenance Officers
Mr Jack Sproule T: 028 8241 1535 E: jack.sproule@eani.org.uk
Mr Martin Donaghy T: 028 8241 1520 E: martin.donaghy@eani.org.uk
Mr Paddy Rigney T: 028 7127 2302 E: paddy.rigney@eani.org.uk
Mr Paddy Cutliffe T: 028 7127 2303 E: paddy.cutliffe@eani.org.uk
Mr Don Moss T: 028 7127 2366 E: don_moss@eani.org.uk
M & E Maintenance Officers    
Mr James Grier T: 028 8241 1389 E: james.grier@eani.org.uk
Mr Tony McAleer T: 028 6634 3912 E: tony.mcaleer@eani.org.uk
Mr Paul McMenamin T: 028 7127 2305 E: paul.mcmenamin@eani.org.uk
Mr Sean O'Brien T: 028 7127 2304 E: sean.obrien@eani.org.uk
Contracts Manager  
Mrs Louise Conaty T:  028 8241 1388 E: louise.conaty@eani.org.uk
Mr Michael Kerr T: 028 7127 2350 E: michael.kerr@eani.org.uk
Building Surveyors
Mr Mark McAloon T: 028 6634 3909 E: mark.mcaloon@eani.org.uk
Mr Joe Whoriskey T: 028 7127 2375 E: joe.whoriskey@eani.org.uk
Senior Clerical Officer    
Miss Laura McCarroll T: 028 8241 1513

E: laura.mccarroll@eani.org.uk

Mrs Maeve Sheridan T: 028 8241 1509 E: maeve.sheridan@eani.org.uk
Mrs Joanne McCrossan T: 028 8241 1519 E: joanne.mccrossan@eani.org.uk
Miss Tracey Brown T: 028 7127 2333 E: tracey.brown@eani.org.uk
Miss Ursula McDermott T: 028 7127 2367 E: ursula.mcdermott@eani.org.uk
Suitability Surveyors  
Mr Gerard Doherty T: 028 8241 1367 E: gerard.doherty@eani.org.uk
Mrs Brona McAtee T: 028 8241 1512 E: brona.mcatee@eani.org.uk