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Western Education & Library Board,
1 Hospital Road,
Omagh, Co Tyrone,
BT79 0AW

Telephone: 028 8241 1411
Fax: 028 8241 1400
Email: info@welbni.org
Textphone: 028 8241 1550

Internal Audit

Head of Internal Audit   
Mr Kenny Orr Tel: 028 8241 1321  E: kenny.orr@eani.org.uk 


The Education Authority Western Region has an independent internal audit function which reports directly to the Chief Executive. An Audit Committee, in existence since 1998, includes six Board members with the Chief Executive, Chief Finance Officer and Head of Internal Audit normally in attendance.

In December 2001 the Internal Audit Section achieved accreditation under the internationally recognised quality standard ISO 9001.


The principal objective of Internal Audit is to carry out systematic review and evaluation of risk management, control and governance which comprises the policies, procedures and operations in place to:

  • establish and monitor the achievement of EAWR's objectives;

  • identify, assess and manage the risks to achieving EAWR's objectives;

  • advise on, formulate and evaluate policy, within the responsibilities of the Accounting Officer;

  • ensure the economical, effective and efficient use of resources;

  • ensure compliance with established policies (including behavioural and ethical expectations), procedures, laws and regulations;

  • safeguard the Board's assets and interests from losses of all kinds, including those arising from fraud, irregularity or corruption; and

  • ensure the integrity and reliability of information, accounts and data, including internal and external reporting and accountability processes.


Audit Manager    
Mr Jim Cavlin T: 028 8241 1274 E: jim.cavlin@eani.org.uk 
Senior Auditor   
Mrs Rhonda Hill  T: 028 8241 1308  E: rhonda.hill@eani.org.uk  
Mrs Pauline McGirr    T: 028 8241 1320    E: pauline.mcgirr@eani.org.uk  
Mr Patsy McCusker   T: 028 8241 1324    E: patsy.mccusker@eani.org.uk  
Mrs Jennifer McElroy   T: 028 8241 1322    E: jennifer.mcelroy@eani.org.uk  

EAWR Internal Audit Service has produced a self-assessment questionnaire for completion by all schools.  Click here for further information and to download the questionnaire.