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Western Education & Library Board,
1 Hospital Road,
Omagh, Co Tyrone,
BT79 0AW

Telephone: 028 8241 1411
Fax: 028 8241 1400
Email: info@welbni.org
Textphone: 028 8241 1550

Grounds Maintenance

The Grounds Maintenance Service is responsible for the delivery of a quality, cost effective maintenance service to schools, libraries, youth centres and other locations throughout the Western Region. Service level agreements can be specifically tailored to meet the individual requirements of the school Principal or site manager, ensuring the flexibility necessary to tailor a service appropriate to the needs of each site.

As well as providing a contract maintenance service to schools, the grounds maintenance section is also available to offer advice and guidance on the planning and implementation of fencing projects and soft landscaping schemes. The section's manual workforce undertakes many of these schemes in-house, especially during the winter period, when the regular contractual obligations allow other work to be programmed.

Where to find us:

To best serve the needs of our customers, the grounds maintenance teams are strategically sited throughout the Western Region and can be contacted by telephone or email.

The section's management staff are based at Board Headquarters and at the two district offices in Derry and Enniskillen. For further information on the range of services offered by the grounds maintenance service, or to discuss any details of the service level agreements pertaining to your school, please contact any of the personnel below:

Service Manager
Mr Hugh McCallan T: 028 8241 1386
M: 077 761 52 360
E: hugh.mccallan@eani.org.uk
Contract Manager    
Ms Helen Crossan T: 028 7127 2331
M: 077 761 52 362
E: helen.crossan@eani.org.uk
Contract Manager
Mr Tony Keenan T: 028 6634 3911
M: 077 76 52 392
E: tony.keenan@eani.org.uk
Executive Officer
Mrs Mairead Duffy T: 028 8241 1362 E: mairead.duffy@eani.org.uk

Location Details:

Mr Dessie Loughery T: 028 7776 5661
M: 077 7615 2367
M: 078 2514 7521
E: dessie.loughery@eani.org.uk
Mr Peter Gillen T: 028 7136 5325
M: 077 7615 2365
M: 078 2514 7522

E: peter.gillen@eani.org.uk

Mr Gerard Flanagan T: 028 7188 3108
M: 077 7615 2364 (Strabane)
M: 077 7615 2366 (Castlederg)
E: gerard.flanagan@eani.org.uk
Mr Bertie Monaghan T: 028 8225 3029
M: 077 7615 2371

E: bertie.monaghan@eani.org.uk

Mr Kieran Meehan T: 028 6862 1700
M: 077 7615 2368
E: kieran.meehan@eani.org.uk
Mr Adam Coulter T: 028 6632 2252
M: 077 7615 2369
M: 077 7615 2370 (Lisnaskea)
E: adam.coulter@eani.org.uk
Mr Gordon Smith T: 028 8225 3019

E: gordon.smith@eani.org.uk