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Western Education & Library Board,
1 Hospital Road,
Omagh, Co Tyrone,
BT79 0AW

Telephone: 028 8241 1411
Fax: 028 8241 1400
Email: info@welbni.org
Textphone: 028 8241 1550

Communications Office

The Communications Office is responsible for the day to day management and development of the Board's Information, Communications and Public Relations functions.

The service supports all departments and divisions, offering guidance on the preparation and distribution of information internally to staff and externally to members of the media, the public and other Board services.

It actively promotes and supports the Board's achievements and activities through local and national media.

Staff within the Communications Office are responsible for the following functions:     

• News and Press Releases
• Internal Communications
• Media Relations

In addition to providing internal and external Communications the Communications Offices also undertakes a number of other important related duties, including:

• Facilitating media communications;
• Providing publicity advice and guidance on dealing with the media;
• Monitoring media coverage;
• Producing and distributing press communications;
• Managing and distributing internal newsletters to staff and schools;
• Organising photocalls;
• Managing media event promotion;
• Managing the Board's 'Latest News' section of the website;
• Distributing the Annual Report, and
• Provides advice on promotional and creative copy.

For further information, please contact the following persons:

Communications Officer
Mrs Angela Devine

Tel: 028 8241 1412

 E: angela.devine@eani.org.uk
  Fax: 028 8241 1273  
Asst Communications Officer
Mrs Wendy Kangombe Tel: 028 8241 1468 E: wendy.kangombe@eani.org.uk