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Chaperone Licences

Chaperone Licences

As required by law [Children (Public Performances) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 1996 Regulation 14], all licensed children who perform, if not accompanied by a parent/carer, must be accompanied by a licenced chaperone who "shall have the care and control o the child with a view to securing his health, kind treatment and moral welfare" (Reg 14).  The chaperone would care for a maximum of 12 children and would be engaged/employed by the production company.

Applicants will be required to complete a chaperone application form along with an ACCESS NI application form and bring these completed forms to EAWR  Headquarters, Omagh where a Designation Officer for Child Protection wiill verify the applicant's identity.  The completed documentation will be forwarded to the Education Authority Belfast Region for consideration as it holds the register of all licenced chaperones throughout Northern Ireland.  As part of the registration process applicants will be required to attend a chaperone training session.

Application forms and guidance for chaperone licensing and registration can be obtained  from the Education Authority Western Region - Tel:  028 8241 1480 or by clicking on the links below:

Safeguarding Children who Perform - CPSSS Guide
Chaperone Information Sheet
Application for  chaperone licence
Chaperone Code of Conduct
ACCESS NI application form
Completion Guide for ACCESS NI form
ID Validation form