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Western Education & Library Board,
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Omagh, Co Tyrone,
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Telephone: 028 8241 1411
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Email: info@welbni.org
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Child Protection Support Service for Schools

The Child Protection Service for Schools (CPSSS) is based within the Education Welfare Service of each Education Authority Region and is managed by the Chief Education Welfare officer. CPSSS in the Education Authority Western Region has three Designated Officers for Child Protection and the services they provide include:

  • Advice, guidance and support to Designated Teachers and Deputy Designated Teachers on the handling of Child Protection issues

  • Beginning Teachers Child Protection training

  • Child Protection training for Designated Teachers, Deputy Designated teachers, Principals, Boards of Governors and other relevant EAWR staff

  • UNOCINI training for Designated Teachers

  • Cluster group training and support

  • Information Bulletins

  • Advice and Support to Link Schools

  • Collaboration with EAWR Human Resources Department

  • The operation of a daily telephone helpline

  • Maintenance of a register of schools' designated teachers

  • Issue licences for children who perform

  • Process applications for those who wish to become registered chaperones for children who perform

  • Provide training for chaperones

The Designated Officers for Child Protection provide support to link schools in the following District Council areas.

Omagh & Strabane - Marion McBride (Designated Officer for Child Protection)

Derry & vady - Martin McQuaid (Designated Officer for Child Protection)

Fermanagh & South Tyrone - Godfrey Young (Designated Officer for Child Protection)

Daily Helpline

The daily advice and support helpline which is staffed on a rota basis by the designated child protection officers will continue to be the main contact point for advice in relation to specific child protection concerns. The helpline service can be contacted at 028 411480

Documents relating to the various areas can be downloaded by clicking on the links below:

Child Sexual Exploitation
DE Circulars and Letters
Definitions - Signs and Symptoms of Abuse
Domestic Violence
Family Support Hub Information Booklets
Research Articles
Risk Assessment
Safeguarding and Child Protection Materials for Schools
Training Materials for Designated Teachers
Whole School Training