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Autism Advisory Service

The EAWR Autism Advisory Service (AAS) is a team of professionals who have specific training, knowledge and experience in working with children and young people with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The Service is managed by an Adviser. A Senior Educational Psychologist, Assistant Advisory Officer, Teachers and Autism Intervention Officers are a core part of the Service. All team personnel are graduates and most are qualified teachers. Each member of the team has had substantial experience working in the school environment with pupils with ASD.

Advice and Support provided by the AAS is based on a combined skills approach which includes reference to Structured Teaching, Social Learning Approaches (e.g. Social Stories, Social Skills Picture Stories), Language and Communication (e.g. PECS), Relationship Based Approaches (e.g. Interactive Play) and Behaviourist Approaches (IABA, ABA).

The AAS is committed to delivering high quality support through providing training, advice and resources to pupils, parents and schools as well as tailored support for pupils referred by the EAWR Educational Psychology Service. All team members are highly trained through an ongoing staff development programme. The team work with a range of partners including other EAWR Services, Western Health and Social Care Trust and a range of community and voluntary organisations to contribute to the continuum of support for children and young people with ASD. The AAS constantly evaluates its work by seeking feedback from all Service users.

In 2008 the AAS, along with ASD Services in the other Regions, was inspected by the Education and Training Inspectorate. The following comments were included in the report:

'The ASD advisory team members are highly qualified and skilled: they have an in-depth knowledge of autism and are skilled in observation'

''A key strength of the services is the focus on building the capacity of schools to develop whole-school autism awareness and teaching approaches to engage effectively children on the autistic spectrum'

'.. the children on the autistic spectrum accessing the service are supported in their schools to learn, so e and develop their communication skills in appropriate settings.'

'The ASD teams provide appropriate advice and guidance and good quality ASD materials to individual teachers and schools'

'The schools' staff interviewed as part of the survey, testified to the high regard they have for the ASD service'

'Parents voiced their strong support for the service to the inspectors'

'Inspectors found a strong sense of team-work throughout the service and very good working relationships between the service, schools and parents'

Head of Service - Adviser
Sheila Gamble T: 028 8224 6203

E: sheila.gamble@eani.org.uk

Senior Educational Psychologist, AAS - Derry   
Marie Martin, Maydown House  T: 028 7186 4780  E: marie.martin@eani.org.uk  
Assistant Advisory Officer   
Grainne Dobbs T: 028 8224 6203 E: grainne.dobbs@eani.org.uk
Advisory Teacher (Post-Primary)
Raymond O'Doherty T: 028 8224 6203  E:  raymond.o'doherty@eani.org.uk
Advisory Teacher (Early Years & Primary)     
Caroline O'Hara T: 028 8224 6203 E:  caroline.o'hara@eani.org.uk
Advisory Teacher (Early Years & Primary)
Jennifer Gamble T: 028 8224 6203  E:  jennifer.gamble@eani.org.uk
Advisory Teacher (Early Years & Primary)   
Leanne Kearney T: 028 8224 6203  E:  leanne.kearney@eani.org.uk
Advisory Teacher (Cross Phase)
Rosemary Devine T: 028 8224 6203  E:  rosemary.devine@eani.org.uk
Advisory Teacher (Cross Phase)
Pamela McCrossan T: 028 8224 6203 E:  pamela.mccrossan@eani.org.uk
Senior Clerical Officer
Martina Cunningham T: 028 8224 6203  E: martina.cunningham@eani.org.uk

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T:  028 8224 6203