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AAS - Information

Autism Advisory Service (AAS), Western Region

The AAS has recently reviewed its model of service delivery in line with other regional Autism teams in Education.

The service will continue to offer training and advisory support to school staff along with direct intervention for children. This latter referral for direct support for pupils at stage 3 of the Code of Practice by the Educational Psychology Service will now only be available for pupils who have a confirmed diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Teacher advisory support and consultations for teachers regarding pupils, will however continue to be available for pupils at all stages of the Code of Practice, who professionals believe may be presenting with difficulties associated with ASD; these pupils may or may not have a diagnosis of ASD. Advisory/consultation support can now be requested directly by schools by completion of Form AS1 - click here to download. The form can also be accessed by: 

·         Emailing asas-wr@eani.org.uk; or

·         Telephoning 028 8224 6203

Please omit the pupil's name from the form for children not known to AAS

The efficacy of consultation will be directly impacted by the level of knowledge and prior training of school staff. AAS continues to offer a comprehensive programme of training for schools and parents, details of which can be viewed on the website.

We hope that the changes we have made to our Service will facilitate timely support for teachers along with more comprehensive support for those pupils with the greatest needs.